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Live stream: ICC YAF: The psychology of decision-making in international arbitration

23 May 2019 Cezary Wisniewski; Alicja Zielinska-Eisen, Africa; Asia-Pacific; Europe; Latin America; Middle East; North America; Poland


On Friday, May 24 at 15:00 CET, the Warsaw office of Linklaters hosted the latest ICC Young Arbitrators Forum conference titled “The psychology of decision-making in international arbitration”. The conference opened with a keynote presentation by Dr. Ula Cartwright-Finch, an international arbitration specialist with a PhD in Cognitive Psychology, and a thought leader in legal psychology. A panel discussion followed addressing questions such as what factors influence arbitrators’ decisions, how does diversity within a group impact its performance, and how reliable is a witness’ memory?

We live-streamed this event. For more details, including on how to watch, please click through to the full article.

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Who should know the law: the arbitrators or the parties?

03 October 2016 Cezary Wisniewski; Alicja Zielinska-Eisen, Europe; Poland


What could be done at an early stage in the proceedings to apply the principle of iura novit curia in a way that would be acceptable to both common law and civil law practitioners and prevent or limit challenges to the arbitral award?

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