On Thursday 16 November 2017 Linklaters hosted a special forum to celebrate the launch of a new book, The Political Economy of the Investment Treaty Regime, written by Dr Jonathan Bonnitcha, Dr Lauge Poulsen and Dr Michael Waibel.  The book was recently published by Oxford University Press. 

Over recent years investment treaty arbitrations have been the subject of much public comment, much of it critical. Nonetheless, the arbitrations continue and only a few states have sought to cancel their existing treaty regimes. The debate has become polarised and has lacked any proper analysis of the actual benefits and burdens investment treaties bring about, which is an important question that requires review from the standpoint of all stakeholders. The book is the first full length attempt to discover, collect and analyse all relevant evidence to inject facts into the debate. 

The event itself consisted of a forum chaired by Matthew Weiniger QC, Partner at Linklaters. Important contributions were made by three expert panellists:

•           Dr Swati Dhingra, Department of Economics, LSE

•           David Gaukrodger, OECD

•           V V Veeder QC, Essex Court Chambers

The below link should take you to an audio recording of the events.  I think you will find it was a high quality and stimulating discussion.

Matthew Weiniger QC

Partner, London
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